Birthday Review

My Birthday in Review

Wednesday was my 27th birthday, no foolin’! So, I’ve been MIA for a few days here relaxing and taking a few days off to go to San Antonio for the first time (reviews coming soon).

I woke up to my husband finishing up my delicious cinnamon-vanilla-strawberry French Toast! What really made it (and my day) was the use of a seed bread from HEB Bakery. The sunflower seeds really complimented the taste of the cinnamon and vanilla in the toast soak. I have a great husband!

My day got even better when I got into work, carrot cake cookies in tow, and arrive to find a huge chocolate cake to celebrate my birthday! This wouldn’t normally come as such a surprise, but with the current economic situation, the mantra at work has been “every dollar counts”…Julie is such a sweetie for spearheading the effort to celebrate my birthday. Also, I was comforted by another co-worker, Caren, who told me that she had read that 27 is thought to the most beautiful year for a woman (highlighted by all of the peak career roles played by beautiful leading ladies).

After work, I had already planned to go low key at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen (see my posts related to her cooking school). Lots of warm chips and salsa and a satisfying margarita on the rocks, followed by my favorite dish, Sylvia’s Crystal City enchiladas (spinach with tomatillo salsa). If that wasn’t enough, I was serenaded by the waitstaff (most of whom know us well) with a birthday toast and a sopapilla and Sylvia’s famous chocolate Tres Leches! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I forgot my camera, so I’ll have to wait another day to do a full review with pictures.

Also, though a bit tardy, I got the first of my gifts from my husband on Saturday upon our return from San Antonio…my very own (proper) macro lens! I’m really excited to learn about it more and work with it…it’s fully manual, so it will take some trying, but in the long run will yield better pictures and maybe take me to the next level in my hobby…