Demos Greek Food

Greek Food, Fast in San Antonio

On Thursday, we arrived in San Antonio just in time for a late(ish) lunch. Without an idea of where to go first, we stopped by the B&B (to see the area) and checked UrbanSpoon on my iPhone to see what was quick, easy, and good in the area. Demos Greek Food was only 0.2 miles away and got great reviews for lunch. We both love good Greek food and sounded like a winner…we were right!

Mark ordered the gyro lunch special, which came with fries, a greek salad, and a fountain drink. It looked very good, and was a good amount of food.


The tzatziki sauce was unlike that I’ve encountered, in a great way! It looks like they actually used honest for goodness thick Greek yogurt for their tzatziki! Color me impressed…

I got what they call the “dieter’s special”, which I think it just a fancy way of saying it’s a healthier option…it includes one meat (I chose chicken), a greek salad, and tzatziki sauce. It was an appropriate sized lunch and very tasty!


There are three drawbacks to Demos as I see it…

First is the use of iceberg lettuce in their salad mix…it isn’t that hard to use romaine.

Second is the use of store-bought pitas…piles of them sitting in the prep area and whole wheat is not available for their “micro” pitas, which would be all I would need.

Third is the price…it is a bit pricey for lunch…the two of us for lunch cost just under $20 (and I drank tap water). It is high quality food (the feta cheese and tzatziki were amazing), but some small modifications could make this place rise even higher. We’ll definitely be back to check out more menu items on our next trip to San Antonio though!