Happy National Sticky Bun Day

Brought to you by El Bolillo Bakery; Houston, TX

I’ve recently started following Punchbowl on twitter (my handle is activelifecook fwiw) which tells me all of the odd days that are out there. Well, today was a reason to celebrate…it’s National Sticky Bun Day (2/20/10)! I woke up early this morning, 6:30am to be exact, to surprise my husband with breakfast before he had to go into work. El Bolillo fit the bill…El Bolillo is an excellent Mexican bakery located in the Heights section of Houston, TX. They make wonderful pastries all day long and the prices are what you’d expect from a great Mexican bakery, cheap (spread below for $4.00, which is considered expensive there)! I brought home an excellent bounty for my husband and I to try. However, in honor of sticky bun day, one needed to be included…

The sticky bun was delicious, not overly sweet, nice and flaky. It also had it’s own tropical twist to it, coconut! Instead of raisins, it contained nuts and coconut, a lovely twist to the sticky buns I grew up with in Pennsylvania. However, my favorite El Bolillo pastry is still their wheat biscuits (shown on the far right above). I normally don’t care for biscuits, but theirs are superb! I didn’t care too much for the doughnut (still can’t find a decent doughnut joint in Houston, what gives???), the big nut-topped pastry was ok (nothing to write home about), and I couldn’t eat the churro (cream-filled, Mark said it was ok).

If you find yourself in Houston today, check out El Bolillo for their sticky buns to honor National Sticky Bun day, you won’t be disappointed!