Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day…oh the commercialism that accompanies this “holiday”…

For years, I’ve tried to avoid buying into the commercialism, but this year, we finally decided it was high time to go out for a nice dinner rather than cook each other dinner as in years past as you can get incredible deals on multi-course dinners at fabulous restaurants.  This year we’re trying out a French restaurant we haven’t been to before, but looks quaint and appears to have a good following. However, I’m looking forward to a late night snack of my gift to Mark this year, cupcakes!

The Houston Chowhounds recently hosted an event called the “Mushroom Throwdown” where local chefs put together signature mushroom dishes that were judged by a panel of other local chefs and food critics. The winner was the dark horse…a little-known (likely not much longer) unemployed pastry chef named Rebbecca Masson.

Well, the Chowhounds message board this week informed me that none other than Rebbecca Masson would be preparing baked goods for charity this Valentine’s Day. Not just any charity, but the rescue where we got our little bundle of joy, Sasha! Double score, with a donation to the rescue, we were able to taste Rebecca Masson creations…

There were two cupcakes available as well as Petit Fours, cookies, brownies and truffles. We decided to go for a combination of both of her cupcakes she’d have available: Red Velvet with Salted Carmel Buttercream and Fresh Strawberry with Strawberry Buttercream.

We haven’t tried them (yet) but have sampled the icing already and boy are they going to be good!

The strawberry icing is so light, fluffy and fresh!