Inn at Craig Place

Where 3-Course Breakfasts Come Standard…as does Relaxation!


For my birthday weekend (and in part to celebrate our upcoming 2nd anniversary), we went to San Antonio for a few days of R&R at a B&B, Inn at Craig Place. What drew us to this inn was it’s location (near downtown, but not on Riverwalk) and it’s advertisement of a 3-course breakfast every morning. We had to check it out!When we arrived at the inn, we were greeted by Gregg and Kelly Alba, the inn-keepers. We were a few minutes early for check-in, but we were welcomed in and shown the house and our suite. We stayed in the “Once Upon a Dream” guestroom, which included a full-sized bed (I don’t think it was big enough to be Queen, but I could be mistaken…definitely smaller than our king-sized at home), a sitting area with two easy chairs and a hallway that leads to the bathroom with a deep tub/spa.

The bed was nice with a pillowtop mattress, not what we are used to at home (foam mattress), but still luxurious and much nicer than your above average hotel room! At night (with complete darkness), above our heads there was a night sky of twinkling stars. Not real of course, but an interesting touch to the room’s appeal.There were also two blooming red roses on our table upon our arrival, another sweet touch from Gregg and Kelly!

The suite extends down a private hallway to the bathroom…

Hardwood floors are a commonplace in this historic B&B…

Robes are provided for the stay, as well as real towels. This was the first time I’ve stayed in a posh inn or hotel before, but I love it when you get a special touch such as real towels…

Upon arrival, you are also provided with a couple of chocolates (Ghiradelli) and freshly baked cookies (as well as each afternoon).

In the morning, the pace is slow, much slower than I’m used to…

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is delivered to your doorstep at about 7:30am, but arrived at more like 8am on Saturday.

The first morning of our stay, it was a bit chilly outside, so we opted for “breakfast in bed” or rather in our room…first delivered was the fresh coffee with biscotti…

Then at 9am, the first two courses of our breakfast was served! The first course was fresh fruit, melon, strawberries, and grapes in a martini glass with freshly(?) squeezed orange juice served in a champagne glass with a sugar-coated rim. The main course included a ham and egg souffle with a hashbrown with peppers served with a side of salsa.

About 15 minutes later, our third course arrived…apple bread pudding topped with walnuts!

The first morning’s breakfast was a success and filled us up well until lunch-time (probably too well…)!

It was a little warmer on Saturday morning, so we opted to eat outside on the porch!

At about 8am, our coffee and freshly baked scones arrived at our doorstep. We took them and headed upstairs to the porch to relax and enjoy the fresh spring air (with fresh pollen…inducing seasonal allergies…ugh…)!

The porch was great, and we were actually hoping to see the famed wood-ducks frolicking in the tree (unfortunately they were away for the day…).

Cranberry scones (more like butter biscuits, but still good) served with jelly and butter.

We sat and talked to other couples staying in the inn until our breakfast arrived at 9am, delivered on the porch by Gregg and Kelly.

First course consisted of melon and grapes alongside the orange juice…

Second course was another fluffy egg dish with sausage, cheese, and zucchini (great except I’m not a huge fan of sausage)…this was served with roasted peppers stuffed with goat cheese (delish!)

We were told by Gregg, we had to save room for dessert (but he couldn’t remember what it was…). Well, we were glad we had…dessert this day was banana walnut bread served with whipped cream! Not too sweet, but not too savory as well…just an all-around solid banana walnut bread.

Overall we had a really positive experience at the Inn at Craig Place, so much so, that we decided to book again for marathon weekend in November…when I’ll be running my first half marathon! So, if you are ever in San Antonio and want a luxurious and relaxing place to stay, contact Gregg and Kelly, they will ensure you have a great stay!