La Fogota

You won’t find Tex-Mex here…You go for Mexican…Pure Mexican!

Ever since living in North Carolina for two years (go Heels!), I’ve been way into Mexican food. I always liked Tex-Mex when I was a kid, but I had never been exposed to real, good, Mexican food until my pass through North Carolina. When I moved to Wisconsin, I craved true Mexican food, only to be disappointed with nearly every restaurant. Then we moved down to Texas…surely there must be good Mexican food in Texas! However, we got lost in a swirl of Tex-Mex (which we do enjoy, especially Sylvia’s) with very few “true” Mexican stand-bys…Then we go to San Antonio…La Fogota is just about as pure Mexican as we’ve found down here…and it felt great!Our meal started with the standard tortilla chips (nothing fancy) and a smoky table salsa. I normally prefer spicy, not smoky salsas, but there was something about this table salsa that I really enjoyed. Not my all-time favorite, but a real satisfying salsa with depth to it’s flavor. We then ordered margaritas (on the rocks of course, there is no other way in my book…) which came garnished with fresh orchids (a bit over the top, but a nice touch none-the-less).

The margaritas were awesome, which they should have been, our biggest complaint about La Fogota was with our waiter, who upon us requesting a “margarita on the rocks with salt” ordered us top shelf margaritas. It’s part our fault, I normally clarify my order with a “house” margarita, but it was still a bit sleazy…no disrespect to the restaurant, it was truly the waiter…

For our appetizer, we wanted something special that Mark has never experienced before, and myself only once…table side guacamole service! This guacamole service was a bit different than the last one I had, we weren’t asked what we wanted in it, it was just prepared how the waiter wanted to prepare it…it was still great, a bit salty, but great! It was topped with seared serrano peppers for the adventuresome…I tried a bit, but decided it overpowered the taste of the avocado.

The interesting option with the tableside guacamole service is a special guacamole service that adds a little extra to the guacamole (for a price)…Today’s special was tequila! We didn’t opt for it today, but it did give us an idea to try it next time we make guacamole (which tends to be often)…


For dinner, I was suggested by a co-worker to try his favorite dish, calabacita con puerco…I love calabacita (a Mexican squash) and have been craving more pork dishes in my Mexican food (they seem to be on the hard side to find in Houston). It didn’t disappoint…It was very similar to the calabacita con pollo dish that is made at Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen, but with the obvious difference of containing pork instead of chicken.

It was of course served with refried beans and rice, along with a guacamole salad (can’t get enough avocado!). I loved the rice, probably some of the best Mexican-style rice I’ve had in some time. Mark loved the beans (some of the best he ever had), I thought they were decent, but not the highlight of my meal.

Mark ordered chicken mole…Mark loves a good mole sauce, La Fogota delivered it…


I apologize for the blurriness, Mark was in a hurry to try his yummy mole sauce! When asked what Mark’s favorite part of the meal, he responded “that was some good mole…”. However, he kept on saying each part of the meal was better than the last. Unfortunately though, we were way too full for dessert…guess we’ll have to go back next time we are in San Antonio!