A close up photo of a black and white cow standing in a field

Poteet Strawberry Festival

Trying to Answer the Age Old Question…Does Strawberry Milk Come From Strawberry Cows???

A close up photo of a black and white cow standing in a field

Okay, so maybe that question will never be answered…but I did get a kick out of that cow!

But…last Saturday the hubby and I had the pleasure of hopping down to Poteet, TX from San Antonio to check out the “world famous” Poteet Strawberry Festival. I’m not sure if it’s famed around the world, but it sure is tasty and gave us a quick look into small town Texan culture (which we haven’t gotten living in Houston) before heading back to Houston that afternoon. We entered the small town of Poteet fairly early in the morning, before the festival picked up full speed, about 10:30am. We strolled the vendor-lined walkways looking for the good deals…we were not so surprised to see everything being sold, from strawberry-related products, to belt buckles, saddles, and even “As Seen On TV’s ShamWow”.

We found some good deals, but nothing we really needed right now…we were there for strawberries! We strolled around the grounds taking in the fresh spring air (along with allergy sniffling) and people watched until lunchtime rolled around. I was excited to see homemade gorditas and other goodies at the fair for a good price! The fair works on a ticket system, 50 cents a ticket and most food items were 4-7 tickets a piece. Water and sodas cost 4 tickets and there were margaritas and beer available at many stands for ~6-8 tickets.

I had a chicken gordita for lunch…cost 7 tickets, or $3.50…stuffed with shredded chicken (that tasted a lot like celery), cheese, shredded lettuce, and tomato. Exactly what you expect out of fair food…but better, it didn’t sit on my stomach like a ton of bricks!

Mark was interested in good TX BBQ. I’m not much of a beef brisket fan, so we haven’t been able to go to BBQ joints around, so he was excited that he had the opportunity to sample BBQ at a small town TX fair! He enjoyed it…it cost 6 tickets ($3)…

But…we weren’t there for the entrees…we were there for dessert! Strawberry Shortcake to be exact…made with fresh peak season Poteet strawberries! The strawberry shortcake (7 tickets; $3.50) was wonderful, a bit sweet for my taste, but exactly what I expected.

Oh yes, and on that shortcake is “a little” whipped cream…normally they top the cakes with a mound of whipped cream a mile high. But we wanted to taste the strawberries, the best part :-)

We left the Poteet Strawberry Festival with 2 pints of fresh strawberries and a bottle of strawberry-infused honey. The strawberries we got there were excellent and peak season! Posts will follow chorniciling what I did with the strawberries, but as a teaser, I made strawberry-lemonade pancakes and strawberry multi-grain muffins…yum! A great ending to my birthday weekend…