SCOPE 5k Fun Run

Cold(ish) and Sunny Conditions Result in a Personal Best and a Great Breakfast!

Today I raced my first 5k since I was in Austin a few weeks back. It felt good, really good!

The race I ran was called the SCOPE Run for Colorectal Cancer (gotta love puns…). It was overall a pretty disorganized run, and pretty cold out (at least for March in Houston), but it was still a good race and even a better (second) breakfast afterwards at Ziggy’s Healthy Grill (see my review from last week’s visit).

Like I mentioned, it was pretty chilly for Houston standards, about 45F at race time of 8am this morning. My lungs had definitely adjusted to the Houston climate after being here for 1.5 years, as it was very difficult to bring in the chilly air to my lungs. Don’t know if it affected my performance, but I’m still pleased. During my run, the arch I hurt during the ConocoPhilips Rodeo Run 10k didn’t bother me for even one step! A success, I’ve overcome my injury…

I’m still waiting on official results for the 5k, but as I was crossing the finish line the clock read ~26:05, so I significantly improved over my previous 5k’s. However, I think I still ran it at my 10k pace from the Rodeo Run, so I think I could have gone faster for a 5k. My hubby withdrew from the run (history of astma and cold air isn’t a good mix) to take pictures. Above is the only picture that was half decent at the finish line (there was a kid crowding me like nothing else for the last mile…there were two full car lanes blocked off…run straight!). My husband also said that by his estimate I was about the 15th or so female to cross the line. We’ll see if that holds up, but I’m still just happy to set a new PR.

Afterwards, we decided to head back to Ziggy’s for a second (refuel) breakfast, as it was on our way home. We both decided to try something different. I had the Multi-grain Pecan Belgian Waffle with a scrambled egg (and salsa). I thought the waffle was great, but much prefer the pancakes I had last week.

Mark chose to have Ziggy’s Breakfast Hash…

Mark’s review of the breakfast has was excellent! It comes with 2 eggs (he got scrambled) with turkey sausage, sweet potato hash, black beans and rice, all served with whole wheat tortillas.

Another great breakfast to get us prepared for the busy Saturday that lies ahead of us!