Training Update – Week 4

Week 4: Another Week Down and Some Great News

We’re now in the process of closing in on our first full month of training and so far, so good! My shin splints are slowly getting better (yes, I know rest is best, but I am taking it easy) and our mileage is slowly increasing…Fundraising has hit a bit of a lull, but I think it will naturally have its ups and downs during the season (but still baking…read on for a tasty Cherry Oatmeal Bread recipe). We also got some great news this week from my family that I’ll share with you further in this update!

Sorry this update is a bit tardy, it was all written and then our modem decided to go off to a better place…but, we are finally back up and running after an internet-free weekend!


This week was the first week we ventured outside of Memorial Park proper for our long Saturday run and out into the streets of Houston (along with thousands of other runners…). Those training for the Full Marathon (us) ran 4 miles, and those training for the Half Marathon ran 3 miles.

Saturday (8/22): 4 mile morning run

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Mark – 20 minutes easy (morning run with Sasha); Stef – lunchtime yoga and 20 minutes easy (evening)

Tuesday: Rest (neither of us were feeling the greatest…)

Wednesday: Stef – lunchtime yoga; Both – Track Practice (3 x 800; 1 x 400; form drills; Happy Hour J )

Thursday: Mark – 20 minute very easy (wasn’t feeling well); Stef – 20 min easy + lunchtime yoga

Friday: Rest

I totaled up my mileage for the week as being 10.5 miles, so I really haven’t added much in the way of mileage to my schedule yet. Mark, not having as high of a base mileage as me starting out has been increasing mileage at a steady clip (but not too much as to get injured).

According to our schedule, we have one more week of similar mileage and then in September we will be ramping up more quickly (but within the max suggested increase of 10% per week).


As I’ve mentioned, the fundraising has gone a bit slower this week. Partly because people at work have settled into the schedule of having goodies for sale and partly because I’ve lost a bit of my momentum to bake during the week (not everyone wants the goodies on Mondays…). But, I still managed to make some more cash for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through the sales of my (Gluten Free Peanut-Choco Cookies) and a loaf of Cherry Oatmeal Bread. I don’t have exact numbers on this computer, but I got approximately what I asked for ($0.75/slice bread and $0.50/cookie).

I still could use some help with baking ideas and other fundraising ideas as the season proceeds. Steph from StephChows had a wonderful suggestion to sell some limited edition StephChows jam for our Team in Training effort. We’ll work something out, hopefully this week, and have details about the fundraiser soon!

Now for what you came for…my newest recipe!

Cherry Oatmeal Bread: The Ultimate Quick Bread when you don’t have over-ripe bananas…